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Brownback’s Record


Private Sector Jobs Created

We added more than 55,000 private sector jobs.

$4 Billion

Family and Business Tax Relief

Provided across-the-board tax relief, putting more than $4 billion in the pockets of Kansas families and businesses over the next five years. Lowered the tax burden on Kansans from the second highest in our region to the second lowest.

Our administration has accomplished this and so much more in my first term as Governor. With your support we can do even more to grow the economy and help Kansas families for another four years. Help me stand up for Kansas against an over-reaching federal government. Join Lt Governor Colyer and I today.

Road Map for Kansas

The Road Map for Kansas is about making our great state even better over the next four years. Our bold new vision includes the following goals:

  1. Growing the Kansas Economy
  2. Fighting for Kansas
  3. Investing in Education
  4. Protecting our Resources

Learn more about the Road Map for Kansas

Meet The Governor and the Lieutenant Governor

Governor of Kansas
Sam Brownback

As the 46th Governor of Kansas, Sam Brownback has one goal: To make the Sunflower State the best place in America to raise a family and grow a business…
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Lt. Governor
Jeff Colyer, M.D.

Faced with a fiscal crisis when he took office, Governor Brownback charged Lt. Governor Jeff Colyer, M.D. to lead a working group of cabinet secretaries and…
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