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John Milburn, communications director for the Brownback re-election campaign issued the following statement regarding a new poll from the New York Times/CBS showing Gov. Sam Brownback leading Lawrence liberal Paul Davis: “While the latest numbers from the New York Times/CBS poll

John Milburn, communications director for the Sam Brownback re-election campaign, issued the following statement in response to Tuesday’s announcement from the Paul Davis campaign: “Governor Brownback is focused on leading Kansas by growing the economy, investing in education for future

Veteran reporter John Milburn was named communications director of the Brownback reelection campaign, effective July 14. Milburn brings more than 20 years of experience covering the military, education, the statehouse and politics across the state of Kansas. “I am pleased

June 30, 2014 The Brownback for Governor campaign manager, Mark Dugan, responded to Monday’s announcement on tax increases and the economy by Paul Davis. “Paul Davis has a 12-year record of voting to raise sales taxes, voting to raise income