Gov. Sam Brownback reinforced his commitment Friday to invest in great schools and fuel a vibrant economy, warning a Johnson County audience that Paul Davis would enact an agenda that would set the region back.

Speaking during a debate of the Johnson County Public Policy Council, the Governor said voters deserved certainty when it comes to economic and tax policy. Brownback noted his opponent would appoint a commission to study tax policy, which would include higher taxes on services and utilities to pay for his liberal agenda.

“That knocks you back in Johnson County,” Brownback said. “You are leading the Kansas Comeback.”

Kansans and the Kansas press continue to ask how Davis will pay for the $1 billion Obamacare expansion in Kansas.

The Governor noted that Democratic Chairwoman Joan Wagnon, the secretary of revenue under the previous administration, has a proposal that she tried to push through the Legislature that would put sales taxes on services and utility bills.

Brownback said that under his administration funding for public schools had increased each year to record levels, including a bill signed this year to boost spending by $129 million. But more importantly, he said, it gave school districts more control over their local option budgets by raising the cap 2 percent. This had been a policy goal for Johnson County for the past decade that was finally realized under the Brownback administration.

“Great schools and a vibrant economy. These are your priorities. These are my priorities for Kansas,” the Governor said. “Paul Davis opposed that bill and the increase in the local option budget.”

The Governor pressed Davis to provide more details about how he would raise additional state revenue to fund his agenda, including coming up with the $1 billion to enact Obamacare in Kansas.

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