The Kansas State Rifle Association Political Action Committee has endorsed Gov. Sam Brownback’s campaign for re-election, touting the governor’s strong support for Second Amendment rights.

Patricia Stoneking, president of the Kansas State Rifle Association PAC, said Brownback has “demonstrated a strong and unwavering commitment to defending the Second Amendment” as a U.S. Senator and governor.

She noted Brownback’s support for repealing many unreasonable restrictions on gun owners and making it easier for concealed carry permit licensees to exercise their rights.

“Your support by signature on important pieces of legislation over the last several years demonstrates your deep loyalty to the Constitution and the Second Amendment,” Stoneking said. “Also notable is your vigorous defense of the Second Amendment Protection Act which has been attacked by the federal authorities and the Brady Center.

“We deeply appreciate your commitment to stand strong and tall without apology for the rights of firearm owners in the great, sovereign state of Kansas!”

The Governor thanked the KSRA for their support and their continued work to protect the rights of firearms owners in Kansas.

“I appreciate the endorsement from the Kansas State Rifle Association and will continue to fight on the behalf of the organization, its members, and all Kansans to defend their right to own a firearm,” Brownback said.

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