Paul Davis campaign stunningly spends $565,889 without running a television or radio advertisement

Gov. Sam Brownback has filed his campaign finance for the latest reporting period, showing more than $2.365 million in available cash on hand heading into the general election. The $2.365 million cash on hand is a historic record for an incumbent Kansas governor at this point in the campaign.

By comparison, the Paul Davis campaign reportedly maintains cash on hand balance of $1.32 million.

According to documents filed with the state, the campaign received $744,281.52 in contributions during the latest fundraising period that began January 1 and $2.25 total this election cycle. The cash on hand report also reflects Lieutenant Governor Colyer’s loan to the campaign of $500,000.

“We are delighted with the support that Kansans are showing for our campaign and efforts to continue our Kansas Comeback,” Gov. Sam Brownback said. “This report shows that our campaign continues to build momentum and that Kansans are concerned about what the future would hold under a Lawrence liberal and Obama-styled Democrat.”

Added Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer: “Kansas is on the right track. We are creating jobs, lowering the tax burden and investing in a world-class education system. The support we have received will enable us to continue telling that message to Kansas voters, who when given the choice will decide that we must stay the course.”

The Paul Davis campaign managed to blow through more than $565,000 without spending a single dollar on paid television or radio advertising.

“I guess this is the kind of wasteful, out-of-control spending one would expect from a liberal lawyer from Lawrence,” said John Milburn, communications director for Brownback for Governor.

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