Paul Davis claims Governor Brownback enacted “the largest cut to education in state history” causing thousands of teachers to be laid off in the last four years, class sizes to grow, and student achievement to suffer.

Reality Check:

State spending on education has increased every year Governor Brownback has been in office. In fact, it has increased over $270 million since 2011. In 2014 alone, he signed legislation that increased spending for K-12 education by over $176 million. (HB 2506)

There are 680 more personnel in Kansas schools than the year Governor Brownback was elected. There are 281 more special education teachers. The average pupil-to-teacher ratio in Kansas school districts has remained low at 15.1 to 1. The average salary for Kansas teachers has increased. (KSDE Reports)

A higher percentage of Kansas 4th graders are reading proficiently. (NAEP Assessments)

(SB 155) Governor Brownback increased Career Readiness in Kansas by authoring landmark legislation to reform Career and Technical Education and increased participation rates by more than 236%.

Governor Brownback introduced the Jobs for America’s Graduates program to Kansas to keep at-risk high school students in school and help them graduate on time. (Jobs for America’s Graduates – JAG) He has also provided over $30 million in additional funding for after school and summer literacy programs to help struggling readers.

This is a record of which every Kansan can be proud. While Paul Davis may talk about supporting education, SAM GOT IT DONE!