Growing the Kansas Economy

Growing the Kansas Economy

Moving Forward: All Kansans deserve opportunities for success, the ability to earn a family-sustaining wage and to enjoy a good quality of life.  We must recognize and embrace the ever-changing economic realities of the nation and the world.  We must also build on our heritage, leveraging our inherent strengths and leading the way to economic prosperity.  Together, we can get it done.

NEW GOAL: 55,000 new jobs is a good start, but we can do more.  My goal for the next four years is 25,000 new jobs per year.  That’s 100,000 new jobs for the hardworking people of Kansas.  Here is my plan to achieve this goal:

  • Support our small businesses by keeping their tax burden low and the regulatory climate stable.
  • Aggressively market Kansas to U.S. companies exploring opportunities for repatriation of corporate profits.
  • Make Kansas the top location for companies considering reshoring activity – particularly in manufacturing, services, and information technology.
  • Execute a statewide export strategy, with a particular focus on small to medium sized businesses, to position Kansas companies for greater participation in the global economy.
  • Create urban opportunity zones to revitalize high poverty areas.
  • Expand the use of short-term employer designed training programs to deliver a skilled and certified workforce to Kansas companies.
  • Focus workforce and training programs on assisting veterans’ entry into the private sector job market.
  • Support efforts to develop moderate-income rural housing.
  • Focus Kansas energy policy on keeping the price of energy low, expanding infrastructure to move our resources to market, and expanding the options available to employers who wish to invest in renewables.
  • Develop Kansas into the premier state for agricultural industry growth, the state’s largest economic driver, by expanding the international market and creating new opportunities for value-added enterprises and specialty production.
  • Develop an iconic Outdoor Lifestyle Center that offers an authentic outdoor experience; incorporating whitewater rafting, high ropes course, zip lines, and other activities.
  • Continue implementation of T-Works and a renewed emphasis on private-public partnerships designed to create safe, efficient travel.
  • Aggressively pursue bringing new iconic brands to Kansas to increase retail and event tourism.
  • Design and implement a marketing plan that promotes our recent accomplishments in crafting a pro-growth economic climate in Kansas to the region, the nation, and the world.
  • Expand the workforce necessary to recruit more advanced manufacturing to Kansas.
  • Continue to strongly support the Wichita Aerospace Cluster by:

BBEconomyTourFocusing on innovation and workforce development through ongoing investments in the National Institute for Aviation Research.

Fostering growth opportunities for Kansas original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) and supply chain companies.

Leveraging our competitive advantages of a highly trained workforce, robust research & development capabilities, expertise in composites and aerospace structures, and a vibrant supplier base to spur growth in jobs and opportunities.

Also, continue efforts to maximize opportunities from our regional economic drivers:

  • Continue the build-out of the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, National Cancer Center, Midwest Stem Cell Center, and Animal Health Corridor.
  • Grow Fort Leavenworth by working with the Army to bring additional Training and Doctrine Command activities to the installation.
  • Continue to support efforts to develop the Great Plains Industrial Park in Parsons.
  • Continue to support the Technology Transfer program at Wichita State University to increase collaboration between higher education and the private sector.
  • Continue construction of the Johnson County Gateway to improve our transportation infrastructure and increase access to economic development hubs such as the BNSF Intermodal and Logistics Park-a key facility for maximizing our central location to expand markets for exporting agricultural and other goods from Kansas.