Internal Poll: Brownback leads Davis 43-42

In response to the latest SurveyUSA poll in the Kansas gubernatorial race, the Brownback campaign is releasing the results of an internal poll Monday that shows Sam Brownback leading Paul Davis, 43-42.

The poll was conducted from August 17-20.

“SurveyUSA has a history of inaccurate polling and this latest release from the organizaton is more of the same,” said John Milburn, communications director for the Brownback campaign. “Using SurveyUSA’s own numbers in July as a benchmark, this survey indicates Governor Brownback has gained 20 points among Republicans and 11 points among Independents, while only sliding 2 points among Democrats. Somehow, despite this clear movement in voter sentiment, SurveyUSA continues to state the race is at 40-48, the same as the July report.”

The only way these number become so skewed is by grossly manipulating the overall sample to advantage Democrats. In this case SurveyUSA made a radical 16 point model swing from a 30 point Republican advantage in July to a mere 14 point advantage in August.

The internal polling memo from the Brownback campaign can be found here.