GARDNER, Kansas – Gov. Sam Brownback and Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer on Monday welcomed a special guest to Kansas in Gov. Bobby Jindal as the campaign heads into the final week.

The Louisiana governor praised Brownback for being a man who is principled and not afraid to make decisions and do what he says he will do.

“Sam is the right leader for Kansas. He doesn’t just talk about ideas, he puts them into action. Conservative principles, when turned into actual policies, are working out in the real world — and Sam’s record of job creation and reducing the size of government in Kansas proves that,” Jindal said. “If real reform and results matter to you, then vote for Governor Sam Brownback. He’s the best person for the job.”

Jindal joined the Brownback campaign at Steel and Pipe Supply in Gardner. The governors visited with the owners about the company and its expansion as the Kansas economy continues to show strength.

“I appreciate the support of Governor Jindal and his willingness to spend time on behalf of our campaign. He is a leader in Louisiana and in the Republican Party who stands for the conservative principles that we hold dear and are fighting for this election in Kansas,” Brownback said.

Earlier in the day, Governor Brownback and Lt. Governor Jeff Colyer attended a rally with Sen. Pat Roberts, Sen. Bob Dole and former Gov. Mitt Romney in Overland Park before a large crowd of supporters in the new Prairie Fire development.

Romney said Kansas voters have a clear choice Nov. 4 in supporting Governor Brownback for a second term and not voting for liberal Democrat Paul Davis which Romney said was “voting for Barack Obama a third time.”

“You are seeing Republican leadership in Sam Brownback. You are seeing the leadership and his team in that they are making a real change for small business,” Romney said. “We have people who know how to do it right.”

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