The Davis campaign has stated a growing economy driven by lower taxes and a smaller, more efficient state government will cause property taxes to increase.

The facts show no correlation between increased property taxes and decreased state spending. Other than the 20 mills the state levies to help fund education, the state does not receive significant revenue from property taxes. Mill levies are set by local government entities (counties, cities and school districts).

Governor Brownback supported legislation this legislative session that helps keep property taxes low. The recently passed school finance legislation included $84 million for property tax relief. This year, Governor Brownback also signed legislation requiring more transparency and accountability for local governments when they grow their budgets using revenue from increases in local property values.

Paul Davis began serving in the legislature in 2003 and was elected minority leader in 2008. As you can see from the chart below, property taxes have been increasing every year since he was in the legislature and then skyrocketed when he became minority leader. These property tax increases occurred as state spending was going through the roof under the Sebelius/Davis regime. During Paul Davis’ time in the Kansas Legislature, the average statewide mill levy rose by 14.78%.

Avg State
• Paul Davis claims that the cost of living in Kansas is too high, yet he VOTED AGAINST HB 2506, which included $84 million in property tax relief. (HB 2506)

• Paul Davis VOTED AGAINST HB 2047, which increased transparency and accountability for local municipalities when proposing increases to local property taxes. (HB 2047, March 20, 2013)