New Business Creation Paul Davis claims Kansas ranks 45th in new business creation and last in the region in job growth.  Reality Check: The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes quarterly job gains (by way of new and expanding businesses) and

Paul Davis claims Governor Brownback enacted “the largest cut to education in state history” causing thousands of teachers to be laid off in the last four years, class sizes to grow, and student achievement to suffer. Reality Check: State spending

The Davis campaign has stated a growing economy driven by lower taxes and a smaller, more efficient state government will cause property taxes to increase. The facts show no correlation between increased property taxes and decreased state spending. Other than

Energy Policy Paul Davis, a two-time Obama delegate, has been talking about the rising cost of living for Kansans. Reality Check: The OBAMA AGENDA HAS CAUSED UTILITY RATES TO INCREASE 9.4%.  Kansas business and families are paying $227M MORE A