Measurable Success From a Proven Leader

Every citizen of Kansas is important to our administration. Whether creating a climate for business growth or protecting Kansas family values, we have set forth ambitious goals for our state and have seen phenomenal results.

Growing the Kansas Economy

  • 10407250_10154502016865223_7378299358357365893_nDecreased income taxes for all Kansans, leaving Kansans with more money in their pockets in 2014.
  • Eliminated income taxes on all LLC and Sub-S corporations, leaving more money for the small businesses, that employ 75% of Kansans.
  • Signed a law providing $42 million in unemployment insurance tax relief to more than 40,000 Kansas businesses.


  • 55,000 new jobs since January 2011.
  • Increased Kansans’ Increased Per-Capita Personal Disposable Income by 10.8% from 2011 to 2013.
  • Increased private sector employment by more than 1,000 jobs every month.


  • Unemployment rate below 5% for seven consecutive months; for the first time since 2008.


  • Increased total state aid to schools by over $397,676,000 from FY 2010 to 2015.
  • 2.3% increase in average K-12 teacher salary since the 2009-2010 school year.
  • 676 more teachers working in Kansas.
  • Stabilize funding so our public universities remain strong to power a robust 21st Century Kansas economy.

Technical Job Skills

  • Implemented a career and technical education initiative which pays tuition for all career and technical education courses taken by high school students and rewards the school district with $1,000 for each student who receives an industry-recognized certificate.
  • More than 750 students graduated with an industry-recognized certificate. Furthermore, not only was there a 23% increase in one year, there has been a 236% increase since 2010.

Kansas Families

  • Implemented new Jobs for America’s Graduates program in school districts around Kansas. This program prepares at-risk high school students to finish school and become college or career ready.
  • Created new anti-human trafficking laws to prosecute those trafficking children.

Reform State Government

  • Created the Office of the Repealer, which takes recommendations on outdated state regulations and laws to eliminate.
  • Eliminated two cabinet agencies- the Kansas Health Policy Authority and the Juvenile Justice Authority.
  • Balanced the budget from a $500 million projected deficit in FY 2012 to a more than $750 million surplus in FY 2013.

Rural Opportunity

  • Created Rural Opportunity Zones in 77 counties in Kansas, which repay student loans for people establishing residency in these counties and/or waive Kansas income taxes.