Road Map For Kansas

RM_LogoBanner Building on the success of the past four years, Governor Sam Brownback is laying out a bold new vision for the next four years. RoadMap 2.0 builds on the agenda that Governor Brownback set forth during his campaign in 2010, focusing on making Kansas the best state in the nation to start and grow a small business, raise a family, and preserve freedoms for all residents.

Week 1: Growing the Kansas Economy

BBTourLearnMoreButtonAll Kansans deserve opportunities for success, the ability to earn a family-sustaining wage and to enjoy a good quality of life.  We must recognize and embrace the ever-changing economic realities of the nation and the world.  We must also build on our heritage, leveraging our inherent strengths and leading the way to economic prosperity.  Together, we can get it done.

Week 2: Fighting for Kansas

BBTourLearnMoreButtonWe will continue our fight against the intrusive reach of the federal government into the lives of Kansas families. The Obama Administration has crossed the line by intruding in the lives of Kansans at home, in the classroom, and at work with the many overreaching policies that are directly affecting our state and its citizens.

Week 3: Investing in Education

BBTourLearnMoreButtonKansas has seen a dramatic increase in career/college readiness over the last two years. Yet we still have a growing demand for skills and knowledge that our current workforce is unable to meet. We can and must do better.

Week 4: Preserving Our Resources

BBTourLearnMoreButton Kansas is blessed with significant water resources, both ground and surface water. But the drought has taught us we have to work together to ensure a water supply for our citizens and for the growth priorities for our great state. Our state’s future water supply will depend on the weather, our river systems, our reservoirs, and our aquifers.