Wyandotte County Democrats endorse Gov. Brownback

KANSAS CITY, KANSAS – Recognizing his leadership and positive direction for their community and the state of Kansas, a group of Wyandotte County Democrats stepped forward Friday to endorse the re-election campaign of Republican Gov. Sam Brownback.

At a gathering at the new Public Library in Kansas City’s Argentine Neighborhood, prominent Democrats Alfred Murguia and Nathan Barnes announced their decision to co-chair a group of Wyandotte County Democrats supporting Governor Brownback. They were joined at the event by nearly two dozen members of the broad based coalition.

“I am honored to stand with Governor Brownback in his re-election campaign. He has made a commitment to small business, lowering taxes for all Kansans, pursuing community-based initiatives and addressing issues facing the urban core,” said Nathan Barnes, a former commissioner of the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas. “When you make that connection at the state level, things can happen in this community.”

Barnes, a small business owner, served nearly two decades on the Unified Government commission representing District 1, which includes the GM Fairfax plant. Murguia is a prominent Kansas City businessman in the hospitality industry who comes from an Argentine Neighborhood family that has raised two federal judges and vice chancellor of Kansas higher education.

Kansas City, Kansas, has seen remarkable growth in recent years and is an active partner in the economic expansion taking place on the Kansas side of the Kansas City metropolitan area. It includes investments by major retailers in the Argentine Neighborhood, a new police station to provide public safety, and an announcement earlier this summer that Wyandotte County would be the home of the U.S. Soccer training and coaching center, making Kansas City, Kansas the epicenter of soccer in the nation.

“A strong showing in this traditionally Democratic community shows the growing strength of this coalition,” said Murguia, a leading Democratic voice in Wyandotte County. “More jobs, safe neighborhoods, and growing business communities aren’t Republican or Democrat. They help our cities thrive.”

Murguia and Barnes said the Wyandotte Democrats represent a growing wave of fellow Democrats across Kansas who believe in Governor Brownback’s agenda of family, faith and freedom for all residents.

Governor Brownback thanked the supporters for their willingness to stand with him during the campaign and work with him to reach the goals of the Kansas Comeback and Road Map 2.0.

“For too long, this area of Kansas City has been promised by Topeka that it would be heard. More than making promises, my administration has listened and partnered with community leaders to get the job done,” Brownback said. “That’s the record of my first four years and that’s my commitment in a second term.”

The Governor pointed to several initiatives enacted during his first term, including the Mentoring 4 Success through the Department of Corrections to partner mentors with inmates leaving the system to help them reintegrate into their communities and begin living productive lives, the Jobs for America’s Graduates program that helps provide skills and training to at-risk students to enter the work force or pursue their education; elimination of taxes on small businesses aimed at stimulating job creation and business expansion; cuts to individual income taxes that allows residents to keep more of their money; and $270 million in increased spending for public schools since 2011, resulting in more money for classrooms, additional teachers and property tax relief for school districts.